Senior Fellows

Stephen Blank, Senior Fellow Expertise: Canada-US relations, North American economic integration and co-operation
Ken Coates, Munk Senior Fellow and Program Leader Expertise: Aboriginal rights, northern treaty and land claims processes, regional economic development, post-secondary education
Philip Cross, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Macroeconomics, business cycles and the Canadian economy
Laura Dawson, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Canada-US relations, NAFTA, Trans-Pacific Partnership, international trade issues
Alastair Gillespie, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Canadian political traditions, Confederation, Founding Fathers
Christian Leuprecht, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Defence, national security, border security, terrorism, intelligence, contraband, international and global affairs, demographic change
Marcus Kolga, Senior Fellow Expertise: Russian foreign policy, Central and Eastern European politics, human rights, disinformation/propaganda, cyber issues
Shuvaloy Majumdar, Munk Senior Fellow and Program Leader Expertise: Global Foreign Policy, International Security, International Order and Multilateral Institutions, GeoEconomics, Technology, Development, Democracy
Robert Murray, Senior Fellow Expertise: International security, human rights, multilateralism, the Arctic, Canadian foreign policy
Linda Nazareth, Senior Fellow Expertise: Economics, demographics, population change, labour market trends
Dwight Newman, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Aboriginal law and indigenous peoples’ rights, constitutional law, legal theory, private international law
Richard Owens, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Innovation and intellectual property, business and commercial law
Benjamin Perrin, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Criminal law and criminal justice, victims’ rights, social media crime
Raheel Raza, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Human rights, gender equality, dignity in diversity
Paul Romer, Senior Fellow Expertise: Governance, urbanization, development
Richard Shimooka, Senior Fellow Expertise: Canadian and American foreign and defence policy, modern airpower, defence procurement
Sean Speer, Munk Senior Fellow and Program Leader Expertise: Taxes and government spending, retirement income security, social mobility, economic competitiveness
Alex Wilner, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: Terrorism, violent radicalization, organized crime, cyber threats, intelligence, proliferation