201606_JUNE-Inside-Policy_coverJune 2016: Unleashing the power of Canadian ideas with intellectual property

The excitement over the federal election is now over, and the not-so-new Liberal government is facing a number of troublesome issues that have the potential to affect Canadians for years to come. Among their priorities are strengthening Canadian culture, boosting innovation, and growing the economy. Which makes it odd that there hasn’t been a more serious national discussion on intellectual property protection.

The June 2016 issue of Inside Policy, the magazine of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, charts a path for making Canada a world leader in intellectual property.

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The long and the short of the census debateStanley H. Hartt

“Geeky” policy: intellectual property reform and the innovation agenda, Sean Speer and Michael Robichaud

Stop the TPP-IP media pile-on, Richard C. Owens

Canada’s intellectual property laws: the coming debates, James Moore

Canada’s patent “utility” regime on trial, Adrienne Blanchard

The critical role of biopharmaceuticals in Canadian health and economic growth, Laura Dawson

It’s time for Conservatives to embrace Aboriginal power and entrepreneurialism, Brian Lee Crowley

Straight Talk on pipelines and politics with Gaétan Caron

Time has already run out on electoral reform, James Bowden

Comeau decision just the first crack in the internal trade barriers dam, Ian A. Blue

A dose of reality on drug patents, Philip Stevens

Want to boost innovation? Get government out of the way, Brian Lee Crowley

A future in Canada is a miraculous option for Syrian refugees, Elizabeth May