201706_JUNE Inside Policy COVERInside Policy, June 2017: Canada 150 a time to celebrate our founders

Celebrate the role of our founders in forging Canada into a great nation

OTTAWA, June 23, 2017 – The latest edition of Inside Policy will give readers a new appreciation of Canada’s founding.

The June 2017 issue of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s flagship magazine marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation with  a deep dive into MLI’s Confederation Series, plus a variety of articles on how we should appreciate our country on this sesquicentennial celebration. The series of papers authored by MLI Munk Senior Fellow Alastair Gillespie, which MLI launched earlier this year, looks at what it means to be Canadian through the eyes of Canada’s Fathers of Confederation. Some of Canada’s most respected political figures have contributed their views, with Paul Martin writing about Alexander Galt, Preston Manning on George Brown, and Jean Charest and Antionne Dionne-Charest on George-Étienne Cartier.

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Beware the Border Adjustment Tax, Stanley H. Hartt

Celebrating 150 Years of Confederation, Alastair Gillespie and Brian Lee Crowley

George Brown as a political pioneer and “Reformer”, Preston Manning

Following in George-Étienne Cartier’s footsteps, Jean Charest and Antoine Dionne-Charest

Alexander Galt deserves celebration during Canada 150, Paul Martin

Canada’s founding made us the diverse country we are today, Geoffrey Kellow

Why diversity isn’t “Canada’s strength”, Philip Carl Salzman

Confederation as a constitutional moment, Leonid Sirota

Provincial trade deal betrays the promise of Confederation, Brian Lee Crowley

The erosion of Canada’s democratic traditions, Patrice Dutil

Great Canadian Debates: Canadian history is nothing to be ashamed of? Jack Granatstein and Noah Richler

What does Putin want? And how can we stop him? Richard Cohen

The Caucasus as a laboratory for Russian hybrid warfare, Michael Lambert

The Defence Policy Review: Déjà vu all over again, James Fergusson

China’s newest aircraft carrier a sign of its naval ambitions, David McDonough

The emerging Japan-India axis as counterweight to China, Brian Lee Crowley

How to finally ignite Ontario’s Ring of Fire, Heather Hall and Ken Coates

A life in defence of free and independent thinking: Remembering Michael Bliss, Patrick Luciani