Dr. Elliot L. Tepper was recruited directly from his PhD program at Duke University by Carleton University where he has spent his career in the Department of Political Science and Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.  Presently he is Senior Fellow, NPSIA, and Senior Research Fellow in its Centre for Security, Intelligence and Defence Studies; Research Professor in the Department of Political Science; Adjunct Professor in the Doctor of Social Science Program, Royal Roads University; and Research Fellow, Conference of Defence Associations Institute.

In his lengthy career at Carleton University he taught courses on Asia, development, nationalism, and international affairs, served in many administrative positions and was selected annually by Maclean’s magazine as ‘Student’s Choice’ Professor. He received numerous awards, grants, and honours, including a Citation for Contributions to Development by the Government of Bangladesh; and awards for research and travel including  many from CIDA and Foreign Affairs; the Ford Foundation Public Service Fellowship Award; the Korea Foundation, and most recently from the Government of Japan for research on regional security.