Joseph Quesnel is a program manager with the Aboriginal Canada and the Natural Resource Economy project. A Northern Ontarian by background, Joseph is Quebec Metis by heritage and is interested in various Indigenous issues, especially Indigenous governance and economic development. A graduate of McGill University, he majored in political science and history, specializing in comparative American and Canadian constitutional law. He holds a master of journalism degree from Carleton University where he focused on political and public policy reporting.

For over 10 years, Joseph worked as a policy analyst with the Prairie-based Frontier Centre for Public Policy, where he specialized in Indigenous policy, but also property rights and water market issues. Joseph also led the Frontier Centre’s flagship Aboriginal Governance Index, an annual barometer of perceptions of quality of governance and services on Prairie First Nations. He also led a 2010 study on the self-governing Nisga’a Nation in British Columbia. He also produced Canada’s only national property rights index, measuring property rights protections in all provinces and territories. Joseph has appeared as an expert witness on Aboriginal legislation in both House and Senate committees.

Joseph was a research associate with the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), where he argued for responsible shale gas development. He also wrote a major paper for AIMS about liberating the regional craft beer industry. Joseph was also recently a senior fellow with the Fraser Institute where he worked on Indigenous issues alongside Dr. Tom Flanagan. He also co-authored a major paper on Indigenous custom code election systems.