Marcel Coutu, president and CEO of Canadian Oil Sands Limited and Chairman of the Board of Syncrude Canada Ltd., discusses this important energy resource for Canada, explaining what oil sands are, how they are extracted and why they matter to our economy and our security, and answers environmentalists' criticisms.


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  • Alexander

    says on:
    January 17, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    First of all I appreciate this videos clarification of the issues and I appreciate the growth potential that is within the resources of our country.

    However, my issue is twofold.
    One, why can we not refine the oil ourselves and ship it across the border at a higher profit? It is mentioned that people from outside our own country are the ones telling us not to risk destroying our pristine land, this is downplayed while other stakeholders, willing to pay for the oil are also from outside the country are the motivating factor for building pipelines and mining the tar sands.

    Two, the infrastructure of the economy is shifting and we should be focusing on
    innovation. How is entrenching Canada further into an oil based economy forward thinking beyond generating short to medium term profits. It would seem the risk of what is at stake, (damaging the earths last temperate rainforest and the ecology of the area while poisoning our food chain) would outweigh the financial gains. Jobs could be created in alternate energy solutions and fields with the same or less investment money required to build and maintain pipelines from the oilsands.