More details regarding the long-standing investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign in the 2016 US election are set to be made public in the coming days. With that in mind, MLI Research Advisory Board Member Elliot Tepper joined Bill Kelly to discuss Attorney General William Barr’s role with regards to the Mueller Investigation.

“There is reason to be concerned. Is he the Attorney General for the people or is he the Attorney General for one client, the President?” says Tepper.

Tepper argues that the situation is a politically and legally comfortable one right now for President Trump. However, that court of public opinion could have a different perspective, and calls to see and scrutinize the whole report continue to grow louder.

“The possibility of bringing Mueller before Congress, before various committees, is certainly there and he can be subpoenaed, they can make him come.”

In terms of public opinion, “the polls have not moved up or down for Donald Trump as a result of what we’ve learned,” Tepper claims. “We are entering the 2020 race with the two political parties essentially having to slug it out irrespective of the Mueller report.”

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