More than $400 million allocated to anti-terrorism measures in budget 2015 will add more frontline officers for domestic security, Macdonald-Laurier Institute Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht told the Ottawa Citizen.Christian Leuprecht

On Tuesday the federal government announced, as part of the annual budget, it planned to allocate part of about $439 million towards protecting the Parliamentary precinct in Ottawa and other potential targets.

Leuprecht, an expert on counter-terrorism and domestic security, said the new money will benefit security agencies such as CSIS, the RCMP and CBSA.

The money will go along with newly-drafted legislation designed to help the federal government and its agencies prevent terrorist attacks.

“So, the government is complementing more robust national security legislation (Bill C-51 and C-44) with additional financial and human resources”, Leuprecht told the Citizen.

Leuprecht has commented extensively on anti-terrorism in the news media. In March he authored an op-ed for the Globe and Mail arguing that Bill C-51 helps catch Canada up to the rest of the world.

Scott Newark authored a commentary that argued Bill C-51 was an important step forward, but the legislation still has room for improvement.

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