MLI's first book, The Canadian Century: Moving out of America's Shadow has landed on the Hill Times list of Best Books 2010 in the Public Policy category.

In the November 22nd edition of the HT, Brian Lee Crowley explains why Canadian politicians should read the book, in part because,  "We decided that we would write this book so we could tell Canadians what amazing reforms they had succeeded in putting in place that made us in many ways the envy of the world...".

And also so that we can tell Americans, "You know, for many years, you've kind of dismissed Canada as this sleepy, not very dynamic neighbour to the North, and you figured that you had everything to teach us, you had nothing to learn from us, and now actually the situation is quite different."

You can pick up Canadian Century for your Christmas shopping by visiting our web site today...and be sure to catch the author's video clips when you visit!

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