In the May/June 2011 issue of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters' 20/20 magazine, MLI's February 2011 Commentary, Manufacturing Competitiveness, by Martinrea International Chairman and Chairman of the MLI Board Rob Wildeboer, is quoted. The excerpt below:

Rob Wildeboer's Top 10 List of Things Needed to Make Canada More Innovative and Competitive

1. Access to the US/North American market through perimeter security
2. Be the lowest tax jurisdiction for making things
3. Competitive services costs (power, energy, etc.)
4. Getting it right on environmental fanaticism
5. Great infrastructure
6. Maintain a focus on our areas of competitive advantage-strengths
7. We need to reward and encourage hard work - we need hard-working people
8. We need trained and educated people
9. We need less people in government and more working in the private sector
10. Government needs to be coordinated, consistent and not duplicative

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