Since the release of MLI's Commentary, Carbon Policy: The Right and Wrong Ways to Use NAFTA by Dr. Lewis Perelman, the full report has appeared in the Calgary Beacon and Surrey Beacon on June 8, 2011.

In addition to this coverage, the Commentary has been widely discussed and promoted on a number of online platforms. For example, on the Breakthrough Institute's blog, the Institute promoted MLI's Commentary and supported the argument for an innovation and investment-centered climate agenda in a June 9th entry:

Perelman writes that imposing a cap and trade program on the three NAFTA countries "would conflict with the goals of free trade, economic recovery, and energy security, and inflame political conflict, all while offering at best minor environmental or other benefits." Instead, he writes, "because the technology needed to solve carbon-related problems does not yet exist, an aggressive energy innovation push offers a far more appropriate, politically feasible, and promising path forward."

The Commentary is also featured on the website for the Center for Science & Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado-Boulder.

Read the full Commentary here: Carbon Policy: The Right – and Wrong – Ways to Use NAFTA

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