Last week, I wrote this, did another podcast interview, two information meetings and wrote a 3,000 word epic for another asked me to write about what’s it’s like to be an overnight “rock star.” Well, for starters, that’s just embarrassing. I have never been close to being the smartest guy in the room on this file. If anything, I’ve been the wheel man driving a getaway car for law professors such as Michel Geist and Dr. Emily Laidlaw, Cara Zwibel, the nation’s librarians, Tim Denton and the Internet Society and the 25,000 Canadians who make more than $100,000 a year creating non government-certified content on YouTube.

My background in journalism is no longer a source of pride but, like the getaway car driver, it endowed me with a certain set of skills that have combined with another collection of experiences to mix a cocktail well-suited to being a helpful henchman in an intellectual caper masterminded by others.

Sure, after muddling away on this, it’s nice to get some affirmation that “hey, maybe that guy was on to something” but momentary fame and notoriety are indistinguishable and I’ve been there before. Satisfactory as it might be to read things like “Menzies is correct” (Mark Bonokoski. Toronto Sun), it’s just as unsettling to know that others are working to maintain that you’re an overwrought idiot. If life has taught me anything, it’s that these flickers end swiftly. Meanwhile, the ruthless determination of the Big Cancon lobby led by Canada’s certified creative sector lobby hangs over everything.

That means most of me just wants to go back to my quiet little life without many Twitter fights –  the one with golf, Pickleball, lawn bowling, patio gardening and soft summer evenings. But so long as there’s a chance that Bill C-10 and its assault on freedom of speech is alive in Parliament, the St. Jude in me is unlikely to grant those pleasant liberties.

Who knows - maybe not all of my causes are lost.

Peter Menzies is a former CRTC vice chair and is a Senior Fellow with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.