June 11, 2011 - CBC's The House invited MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley to discuss how the Conservative majority government should cut billions in spending and the policy priorities the government should focus on over the next four years.

On balancing the budget, Crowley advises that it is "very important to have real simple targets, things that you are aiming at that you can communicate to the public, and that they agree with." He adds that the government should not do "budget-cutting in an unintelligent way, in other words, taking 5% off the top of whatever...because you cut good programs at 5% and you cut bad programs at 5% whereas you should be eliminating bad programs and sometimes even increasing spending on programs that are really providing value."

On what should be on the government's agenda over the next four years, Crowley discusses a number of items, one of which is working with the United States to solve border issues.

To listen to the archive of the June 11th radio show, visit CBC's The House radio show.


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