Charles Burton, Senior Fellow Expertise: Government and Politics of China, Canada-China Relations and Human Rights
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Duanjie Chen, Munk Senior Fellow (Chinese economy and investment) Expertise: Chinese state-owned enteprises, economic and tax policy
J. Michael Cole, Senior Fellow Expertise: Cross-Strait relations, China, Taiwan, People's Liberation Army, Chinese political warfare, intelligence, East Asian security, democracy, civil society, media studies
Marcus Kolga, Senior Fellow Expertise: Russian foreign policy, Central and Eastern European politics, human rights advocacy
Eric Lerhe, Munk Senior Fellow (Maritime strategy and the Indo-Pacific) Expertise: Maritime strategy, Indo-Pacific security, NATO
Christian Leuprecht, Munk Senior Fellow (Defence and security) Expertise: Defence, national security, border security, terrorism, intelligence, contraband, international and global affairs, demographic change
Shuvaloy Majumdar, Munk Senior Fellow and Project Leader Expertise: Counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism, social media, US foreign policy in the Middle East and Asia
Jonathan Berkshire Miller, Deputy Director (CACIA) and Senior Fellow Expertise: security, defence and intelligence issues in Northeast Asia
Alex Moens, Senior Fellow Expertise: Canada-US relations, European security, NATO
Robert W. Murray, Munk Senior Fellow Expertise: International security, human rights, multilateralism and the Arctic, Canadian foreign policy
Richard Shimooka, Senior Fellow Expertise: Canadian and American foreign and defence policy, modern airpower, defence procurement