MLI Munk Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht has appeared in several media outlets, offering expert commentary on this week's Toronto van attack. In his interview with the Current on CBC Radio One Leuprecht praised the police officer who apprehended the driver involved, saying that his actions show he is an experienced member who knows the complexities of his role. (starts at 29:05).

He repeated his respect and appreciation for the work and professionalism displayed by law enforcement on Charles Adler Tonight saying that it is unfortunate that this sort of event is becoming prevalent where people with mental health issues resort to violence and terror to make their grievances with the society known. This points out at the fact that we probably need to do better at identifying this kind of high risk individuals and trying to get them the intervention that they need.

Christian Leuprecht is a professor at the Royal Military College of Canada and Queen’s University, and Munk Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

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