MLI Munk Senior Fellow Dr. Christian Leuprecht has been awarded the RMC Cowan Prize for Excellence in Research. Chosen for the award by a panel of his peers, the Cowan Prize is presented each year to the Royal Military College of Canada’s top research professor. The prize was established in 2000 by John Scott Cowan, the RMC’s Principal Emeritus.

Dr. Leuprecht is a strong Canadian voice on national defence and international affairs and an expert on security and defence, political demography, comparative federalism and multilevel governance. He is the youngest recipient of the Cowan award.

The award, announced at convocation in May, will be awarded to Dr. Leuprecht next week at the annual Cowan Lecture.

At the event, Dr. Leuprecht will give a lecture on “The Demographics of Defence: Why Canada Needs its Military Colleges.” The lecture will be held at RMC on October 11 at 6:30pm. All are welcome to attend.  


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