MLI Senior Fellow Ken Coates will be advising the New Brunswick government on how the province can remake its relationship with Aboriginal communities.

Coates will be part of a three-member panel whose goal is to “transform the economic, social and political role that First Nations play in New Brunswick”, the province said in a news release.

"This team will help to create a new foundation for long-term relations between the provincial government and First Nations”, said Premier David Alward in a statement.

The other two members of the panel include: Roger Augustine, the regional chief of the Assembly of First Nations, and Tom Mann, the deputy minister of the New Brunswick department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.

Coates has authored several papers for MLI on including Aboriginal communities in economic development, including:

An Unfinished Nation: Completing the Devolution Revolution in Canada’s North, April 2014 (with Greg Poelzer)

New Beginnings: How Canada’s Natural Resource Wealth Could Re-shape Relations with Aboriginal People, May 2013 (with Brian Lee Crowley)

The Way Out: New thinking about Aboriginal engagement and energy infrastructure to the West Coast, May 2013 (with Brian Lee Crowley)