The Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI) today published a Commentary by Managing Director, Brian Lee Crowley. Based on his remarks at a recent conference in Brussels on The Future of the West – Trans-Atlantic Relations in a More Difficult Environment, it argues that without a shared commitment to liberty the Western alliance that fought two World Wars and the Cold War cannot hold together.

One of only two Canadians invited to complete the third side of the North Atlantic Triangle, on a panel entitled "Between G-2 and G-20: The Trans-Atlantic Economy and Global Governance", Dr. Crowley told participants, "When we act together we, the Atlantic nations, are the world's hope for freedom and progress. When we go our separate ways those who do not share our values can more easily tempt us with offers of increased prosperity in exchange for compromise on foundational moral issues. It used to be that the governing class in its entirety saw this with great clarity on both sides of the Atlantic but that certainty has been frayed over recent years. It is now down to us, sitting here, and those like us."

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