Macdonald-Laurier Institute Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley joined a panel of experts on Monday to discuss Russia’s role in global affairs at an event chaired by former prime minister Jean Chrétien.crowleyspeaking

The InterAction Council, a group that mobilizes global leaders who have held the highest offices in their countries, held the event on Monday, April 20, 2015 at the University of Ottawa.

The theme for the meeting was “Rubles, Rebels and Realism: Russia’s Impact on World Affairs in 2015”. It was designed to examine in-depth issues such as Russia’s sputtering economy and growing interest in areas such as Crimea and Ukraine.

Crowley presented at a panel called “Russia and Global Economics: Challenges and Repercussions”, which examined several questions:

  • What course will the Russian economy take as it faces sanctions and a low price of oil?
  • What effects will the Russian economy have on the global economy and how can negative effects be contained?
  • How will economic challenges impact Russia’s political system?

Other sections of the event looked at Russia’s relationship with Crimea and Ukraine, the implications for NATO and the European Union and Russia’s impact on global geopolitics.

The meeting is expected to produce a Chairman’s report, which will be released in June 2015.

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