Macdonald-Laurier Institute Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley spoke to the National Post on Wednesday about the adoration for Kevin Vickers, the House of Commons’ Sergeant-At-Arms whom many have called a hero of the October terrorist attack in Ottawa.


The story came on the same day that Vickers made his first statement to the media – more than four weeks after the shooting took place.

Crowley said Vickers’ understated reaction is much different than what would have taken place in other countries like the United States.

“The next day, he’d be on Jay Leno and he’d have a book deal and some speakers’ bureau would be representing him and he’d be charging a good buck — I don’t mean to say that in a critical way, that’s just the American way,” he told the Post.

In speaking with reporters, Vickers repeatedly emphasized that it was a team effort from all the Parliament Hill security staff that brought down the shooter, Michael Zehaf Bibeau.

Bibeau killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial in Ottawa before heading towards the House of Commons, where he was shot by Parliament Hill security staff.

To read the National Post article, click here.

Crowley also authored a column for the Ottawa Citizen on how the Ottawa shooting, and another recent terror attack in Quebec, show that treason's long history in Canada isn't going away.

MLI Senior Fellow Benjamin Perrin, meanwhile, explained in a column for the Globe and Mail why the attacks should not be used to expand Ottawa's powers to combat terrorism. He also discussed the topic with the CBC Radio One program As It Happens.

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