Macdonald-Laurier Institute Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley spoke to the Financial Post about the potential for creating a Canadian national securities regulator in Canada during 2015.126977585

The federal government is currently in the midst of creating a single national body, known as the Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory System, that would adopt common principles across Canada. As it stands now, there are numerous regulators across the country.

Crowley says a single national securities regulator is long overdue.

“These things take a ridiculous amount of time in Canada", he told the Post.

The Constitution Act of 1867, he says, “was supposed to tear down the barriers between the provinces, and here we are today with the provinces [only] saying, ‘we think we might make some progress on this’”.

“[But] I’m just delighted that we’ve made more progress in the last year than we probably made in the previous 60".

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