MLI author Christian Leuprecht spoke to the CBC Wednesday morning about reports that the federal government’s National Research Council was the victim of a Chinese cyber attack.

The organization announced that it was going to overhaul its security system over the next year in response.

Leuprecht says that, in the same way it’s impossible to completely secure your car against thieves, there is no foolproof method for deterring a cyber attack.

“What the mechanisms that we have in place are meant to do is to deter attackers”, Leuprecht told Ottawa Morning on CBC Radio One. “We’re never going to prevent someone 100 per cent from infiltrating a system”.

Leuprecht, a professor of the Royal Military College of Canada, has authored several papers on security issues for MLI. These include a look at the threat organized crime poses to Canada’s border security and an examination of how to rein in rising policing costs.

He is also a co-author of “What Do Muslim Canadians Want?

Leuprecht was also scheduled to speak to several of the CBC's local afternoon shows Wednesday afternoon on the subject.

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