With a dangerous and disturbing rise in antisemitism in recent weeks, MLI Foreign Policy Director and Munk Senior Fellow Shuvaloy Majumdar spoke with Alex Pierson about the issues at play, what's driving this new wave of hate, and how it can be addressed.

"It's remarkable that Jewish communities in Canada would be told by law enforcement in this unprecedented age of incitement... that they should 'lay low'," says Majumdar. "Really, it should be law enforcement and ordinary Canadians that stand strong."

"I can't even begin to articulate how frustrating it is for someone who cares about Canada and our incredible diversity that for some reason this ancient, pernicious hatred of Jews is now being manifest in an expectation that the Jewish community somehow has to be 'less Jewish' in order for the rest of Canada to be Canadian."

"It is a horrible, horrible precedent. And an infuriating one."

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