This episode of Pod Bless Canada features Brian Lee Crowley talking to Dr. Christopher Sands on Canada-US economic and trade relations.

In Part 2 of this two-part conversation, Dr. Sands takes us to a deeper understanding of the current moment and addresses the most pressing questions. These include whether Congress has the power to prevent the US from exiting NAFTA and why the US and Mexico have suddenly cozied up on trade while Canada remains on the outs.

Dr. Sands currently serves as Director of the Center for Canadian Studies at Johns Hopkins University and is among the world’s leading non-Canadian authorities on Canada and our economic relationship with the US. In this conversation, his deep political, economic, legal, and historical expertise on NAFTA is conveyed in a clear and straightforward style. Whether or not you have closely followed this latest chapter in the life of Canada-US trade, there is no better way to engage this issue than this most recent episode of Pod Bless Canada.

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