In this episode, MLI Senior Fellow Marcus Kolga is joined by Col. Ilmar Tamm of the Estonian National Armed Forces and Maj. Gen. Andis Dilāns of the Latvian National Armed Forces, both also managers of the multi-nation Baltic Defence College.

They begin by introducing the Baltic Defence College, which just celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Founded to help integrate former-Soviet military officials within the Western defence architecture, the College is shared, managed, and financed by the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The three also discuss present security threats facing the Baltics and the importance of NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in checking Russian aggression.

In addition to their military duties, Maj. Gen. Dilāns serves as Commandant of the Baltic Defence College and Col. Tamm as Director of the Joint Command and General Staff Course. Marcus Kolga is an international award winning documentary filmmaker, journalist, digital communications strategist, and a leading Canadian expert on Russian and Central and Eastern European issues.

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