In the latest episode of Pod Bless Canada, MLI Research Advisory Board Member Dr. Elliot Tepper was joined by Quentin Hodgson, a senior international and defense researcher at the RAND Corporation focusing on cybersecurity, cyber operations, risk management, and command & control. Their discussion explores how NATO can (and must) update itself to better prepare for 21st century threats.

With the recent celebration of NATO's 70th Anniversary and a meeting of NATO leaders in London, serious questions remain about how the Alliance can tackle a myriad of important challenges - both internal and external. Perhaps chief among these is how NATO should respond to "Putin's Challenge" to Eastern Europe and indeed the entire North Atlantic Region. Throughout their conversation, Tepper and Hodgson discuss the future of the Alliance, how it can better prepare for cyber threats, and the role that NATO should play in upholding international rules and norms in the face of revisionist authoritarian actors.

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