Launched in 2020, DisinfoWatch is the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s new COVID-19 and foreign disinformation monitoring and debunking platform. During the COVID pandemic, it has become increasingly evident that western democratic societies are more exposed to malign foreign and domestic actors seeking to confuse and polarize our societies through conspiracy theories, blatant fabrications and propaganda. Now more than ever it is important to expose and raise awareness of mis/disinformation to build long-term and broad resilience against it in society.

In the latest episode of Pod Bless Canada, MLI Senior Fellow and founder of DisinfoWatch Marcus Kolga joins communications officer Ai-Men Lau to discuss the history of disinformation, disinformation operations in Canada and how DisinfoWatch is combatting it. They also discuss the steps the Canadian government should take in addressing the dis/misinformation. Click here to visit DisinfoWatch.

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