Ken Coates argues for the motion "Too many Canadian kids are going to university"

Ken Coates and Lloyd Axworthy squared off over the value of a university degree in the second Great Canadian Debate of 2015, held April 29, 2015 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

Macdonald-Laurier Institute Senior Fellow Coates argued in favour of the motion “Too many Canadian kids are going to university”. Axworthy, the President of the University of Winnipeg, argued against.

Peter Milliken, the former speaker of the House of Commons, moderated the debate.

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To watch CPAC's video of the debate, click here.

The two debaters authored op-eds in the National Post explaining their positions.

Lloyd Axworthy argues against the motion

Lloyd Axworthy argues against the motion

Axworthy argued in his op-ed that all Canadians should have the opportunity to go to university.

"We should be affirming the right and need for Canada to offer opportunity and access to any of its citizens to have the choice to attend university", Axworthy writes.

Coates made the case that Canada's post-secondary education system is pushing too many kids who don't have the necessary skills towards university education.

"We do have too many students or, more accurately, too many of the wrong students, in our universities at present", Coates writes.

The next debate will take place on May 26, when Postmedia columnist Andrew Coyne and author John Pepall will debate whether Canada’s democracy is in crisis.

CPAC aired the full debate on Friday, May 1. The video is also available on CPAC's website.

Great Canadian Debate #2: Are too many Canadian kids going to university?

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