MLICRISIS_1961First past the post. Powerless members of Parliament. The outsized power that party leaders exercise over our political process.

These were just some of the topics that came up during the third Great Canadian Debate of 2015, held May 26 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

Andrew Coyne and John Pepall debated the proposition: “Canada’s democracy is in crisis”. Coyne, a columnist with Postmedia, argued in favour. Pepall, author of Against Reform, argued against.

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You can also view the full debate on YouTube.

The two debaters also authored op-eds in the Post discussing their positions.

Pepall argued that those who constantly fret over the state of Canadian democracy are distracting from the important debates that we should be having over public policy issues.

Coyne made the case that Canadians have the form but not the substance of Parliamentary democracy.

MLICRISIS_2082This was the final debate of the Spring 2015 schedule.

On March 31, Frank Buckley and Chrystia Freeland squared off over income inequality. On April 29, Ken Coates and Lloyd Axworthy debated the proposition that too many Canadian kids are going to university.

If you missed the Coyne-Pepall debate, CPAC will be airing it again in full on Wednesday, May 27 at 8:0 p.m. The video will also be available on CPAC’s website.

Great Canadian Debate #3: Is Canada's democracy in crisis?

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