Last week we told you of the recent review of Canadian Century by David Hay of Evergreen Capital Management. That review was spread far and wide in the US by noted financial expert John Maudlin.

Well...the story doesn't end there.

David Hay has now written a "Special Message" to subscribers of the Evergreen Virtual Advisor to accompany the most recent edition. In it he talks about the recent Maudlin column, which has a regular readership of more than 1.5 million. He notes,

As you can imagine, with EVA being seen by such a vast number of eyeballs, we have received an unusual amount of feedback; thus far, it's been consistently positive (even from a gentleman running for Congress!)  Yet the most gratifying response was a letter I received from one of the authors of the book I summarized, The Canadian Century.  You can easily view this note from Brian Lee Crowley, the Managing Director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, by clicking here.

This is a snowball that continues to roll and grow. The Maudlin/Evergreen piece has also popped up on the Market Oracle in the UK in US Debt and Deficits, Learning From Canada's Experience and on the oft-viewed Seeking Alpha in a post titled, Why the US Should Follow Canada's Economic Model.

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