MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley is quoted in this Hill Times story about religion in politics.

Brian Lee Crowley, managing director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and author of the book Fearful Symmetry: The Fall and Rise of Canada's Founding Values, said the increased visibility of the religious right in politics is partly a reaction to a period of aggressive secularism in Western politics. He said it's a trend that's likely to continue. "We're entering an era in which faith, in the largest sense, is becoming a powerful political force," said Mr. Crowley. "People of faith in Canada are getting more involved in politics, not just Christians, I think Jews are doing it, the Muslim community is doing it, in the Sikh community, you'll find the various temples are powerful community rallying points. We're entering an era in which faith is going to be much more powerful force within politics."

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