On June 27, 2011, the Financial Post published a commentary by Karen Selick, litigation director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, on how economic rights are inseparable from civil liberties. In the FP Comment, Selick quoted MLI's Brian Crowley's book, Fearful Symmetry, when presenting "some interesting precedents and historical facts":

Brian Lee Crowley's bestselling 2009 book Fearful Symmetry points out that U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, which Judge Lamer characterized as virtually rescuing the United States from its "controversial" history of economic liberty, was denounced by the Liberal premier of Quebec, Louis-Alexandre Taschereau, as "a socialistic venture bordering on communism." Other Canadian politicians and opinion-makers of the New Deal era likewise deplored the idea of social programs, preferring to foster the traditional culture of individual self-reliance.

For the full FP Comment, "Karen Selick: 'Pursuit of one's trade'", click here.


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