MLI5thAnniversaryQuotes774x427-08-15GranatsteinCanadian military historian Jack Granatstein is the latest influential Canadian to offer his congratulations to the Macdonald-Laurier Institute on hitting the five-year milestone.

"I cannot think of a new think tank in Canada that made such an immediate, positive impact on public life as MLI”, said Granatstein.

“Canada needs more daring and unconventional institutions—like MLI".

Granatstein, the author of several books including The Generals and Who Killed Canadian History?, has participated in several of MLI’s Great Canadian Debates.

In November 2011 he debated, with University of Toronto professor Michael Byers, the motion “After Afghanistan the Canadian Forces should keep the peace rather than wage war”.

Then in November 2012 he and Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson debated the motion “The War of 1812 has been overhyped”.

Granatstein also praised MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley for allowing he and Bliss to organize the debates.

“That took some daring,” he said. “It worked, sort of, but that he was willing to try greatly impressed me”.

Throughout 2015, MLI is marking five years of true north in Canadian public policy by celebrating its unique contributions to thought leadership in Canada.

This includes our work on fixing Canadian health care, unmasking the true impact of “social licence” claims over natural resource projects, explaining why balanced budgets matter and our work on Aboriginal prosperity.

Several other influential Canadians have also passed along their congratulations. This includes political strategist Tom Axworthy, Canadian Council of Chief Executives’ President and CEO John Manley and Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson.

For all of the details of MLI’s celebrations, check out our fifth anniversary page.

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