The  editorial pages of Friday's Financial Post were chock full of reference to MLI's first book, The Canadian Century. Writing of Canada's current standing in the world, William Watson noted:

"...the turnaround in our image — to the extent the world thinks about us, that is — is unmistakable. It may not yet be The Canadian Century that Veldhuis and Clemens foresee in their new book, co-authored with Brian Lee Crowley, but it does seem to be the Canadian Moment."

Right alongside, co-authors of the book, Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis, cautioned that we must not lose our fiscal way as a nation. They wrote:

"Regrettably, we now seem to be encountering a non-partisan rush to squander these hard-won gains. Provincial governments of every partisan stripe are plunging back into the vicious circle of rising deficits and debt, higher interest costs and taxes, and slower economic growth pushing deficits still higher. The Harper Tories are certainly not the only guilty parties even in Canada, to say nothing of North America or the rest of the industrialized world."

The more people that read the Canadian Century, the more understanding there is that we must not slide back. We must never forget the non-partisan lessons of the Redemptive Decade that were so well spelled out by authors Crowley, Clemens and Veldhuis. It's another reason why Canadian Century should be a "must read" for politicians of all stripes, at all levels.

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