March 30, 2012 - MLI's recent energy conference, Moving Canada Ahead: Fuelling Prosperity and Sustainability in our Transport Sector, is highlighted today in a Financial Post column about the future of transportation fuels. Reporter Jameson Berkow interviews keynote speaker John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil Co., panellist Alicia Milner, president of Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, and Minister Joe Oliver who opened the conference with an address on the direction of resource development ahead of the federal budget. An excerpt below:

On shifting away from gasoline, Mr. Hofmeister says, "I don't think the shift in transportation fuels will come voluntarily [so] there needs to be, at a national level, a planned way forward that gives guidance to industry to enable markets to operate and if that guidance is not there, people will keep doing what they have always done, which is more of the same." He adds, "A good transition plan needs to be 50 years long, so the only way to get politics out of energy is to create the kind of independent regulatory commission model that both Canada and the U.S. find useful in managing the monetary systems of the two countries."

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The conference was sponsored by the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute.

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