Canada’s interest in income inequality shouldn’t shroud the important issue of social mobility, Macdonald-Laurier Institute author Munir Sheikh told BNN in an interview.

Sheikh is the author of a recent MLI report that says many tax-transfer programs intended to address income inequality have been decreasing social mobility for low-income Canadians.

Rather than helping them move out of poverty, these programs are providing incentives for people to rely on government benefits.
Sheikh, the former Chief Statistician of Canada, says it’s time governments start implementing programs that are designed to improve social mobility.

“As much time as we spend talking about issues like income inequality, we should be spending at least as much time in trying to make sure that our policies on social policy issues are done properly”, Sheikh told BNN.

“So instead of being helpful for the people we’re trying to help, it doesn’t end up being a problem for them”.

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