The hospital crisis is not new. COVID adds a new twist. Real solutions require more than lockdowns and emergency measures. Yet here we are again. After ten months of preparation, calling for lockdown seems an admission of failure, writes Shawn Whatley in the Toronto Sun. 

By Shawn Whatley, January 4, 2021

COVID-19 has tested the Ford government, and Premier Doug Ford has mostly risen to the challenge. Live daily updates, plans, programs, and spending: It has been the main (only) policy issue for ten months. Ford’s COVID-19 response will define his legacy.

Ontario now has 2,250 new acute care beds, which include 1,492 new ICU beds with ventilators. Spring shortages have disappeared. PPE abounds. If the mood strikes, you could bathe in alcohol hand sanitizer, and no one worries about running out of toilet paper. A massive vaccination program has just launched, and untold hundreds of millions of dollars have distracted voter anxieties.

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