Canadians have a simple decision to make in the near future: will we support the oil and gas industry, or shut it down? MLI Munk Senior Fellow Ken Coates joins John Gormley to discuss how half-measures are damaging the livelihoods of people who depend on Canadian energy.

"It's a very substantial sector of the Canadian economy, but remember it's got so many different pieces, it's not just the oil coming out of the ground" explains Coates. "It's actually about the companies that provide all those services... [including everything ranging from] high-tech remediation to an engineering."

Coates goes on to discuss how the future of Canadian energy will tie into the post-COVID economy as Canada seeks to recover from the economic consequences of the lockdown. Coates believes our decision will become clear as Canada works towards economic recovery from COVID-19, but the half-hearted support from Ottawa has not inspired confidence in the sector.


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