This fall, Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party elected a new President - Kishida Fumio - who became Japan's newest Prime Minister in October. Amidst a range of regional challenges, including consistent provocations from North Korea and an increasingly assertive posture by China, the Kishida administration faces a challenging foreign affairs environment. Magnifying these challenges is the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic headwinds created by the lingering global slowdown.

MLI hosted an event titled "Global Japan's Foreign Policy and Implications for Canada" on December 15, 2021 with key thought leaders from Japan, the United States, Europe and Canada. The panelists discussed a range of challenges and opportunities related to Japan's foreign policy and its intersection with Canada and other partners in the Indo-Pacific. As outlined in the session, the Indo-Pacific is facing a host of shared security and geoeconomic challenges. Amidst these challenges, it is crucial for more cooperation from like-minded countries to ensure a Free and Open Indo-Pacific. The panelists spoke about these challenges. Finally, the panelists also provided insights on what realistic role Canada might look to play in the region - and in particular with Japan - going forward.


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