In July, MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley was asked about rumours that the federal government was going to cut back spending on the Veteran's of the Canadian Forces. In an article in the Globe and Mail Crowley stated, "…if there is one group to whom the country owes an undeniable debt of gratitude that should be manifested in solicitous attention to their needs, it would be those who risked their lives on behalf of the country."
On Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, "…you're going to see some action on that in the not-too-distant future", as he discussed increased support for Vets suffering from ALS. Yesterday we learned that Veteran's Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn and Defence Minister Peter MacKay will make a further announcement that the government will, "…boost the help it provides the most seriously wounded and junior rank soldiers injured in Afghanistan."
Good news from the PM and his Ministers for those magnificent Canadians who serve us all.

Posted by George Young

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