The national security law imposed over Hong Kong encroaches on rights and freedoms of Hong Kongers, specifically freedom of speech. MLI's ambassador on Canada-Hong Kong policy Nathan Law was on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS to discuss the national security law.

"On the very first day it was implemented, there were cases of suspects that were just carrying flags or stickers that had the slogans of protest songs," notes Law. "They were already arrested, and the next day, the government announced the slogans of the movement are considered to be breaching the national security law."

"So you can see it is not targeting those so-called 'violent' protesters, but targeting the freedom of expression of people," says Law.

Law goes on to discuss how China's national security law differs from national security laws found in democratic nations, how the Hong Kong democracy movement has been impacted, and how the international community should react.


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