"Honouring Sacrifice", and MLI Commentary, was published yesterday. This morning we distributed it to our growing list MLI Followers. We have had several responses, almost immediately, from our readers. One of them, from Peter G. White, is particularly touching in the memories it stirs and family bonds it commemorates. Mr. White has graciously allowed us to share it...

From: Peter G. White
Date: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 8:16 AM
Subject: Fwd: MLI Commentary: Honouring Sacrifice during Veterans' Week
To: Family List

Dear family,
This was written by my friend Brian Lee Crowley, whose wedding Mum and I attended in Halifax a couple of years ago.  He plays the bagpipes as a recreation.
My uncle Gib was killed in WW II, and about eight Stairs from Nova Scotia were killed in WW I -- Mum and I visited their graves and monuments in France, Holland and Belgium with Auntie Myrna.
My father, Hank Rotherham, Hugh Starkey and Bob Stairs all were in the active forces throughout most of WW II.  My grandfather Col. Gilbert Stairs was decorated in WW I, and was colonel of the Grenadier Guards afterwards.
Many Scotstown area residents were imprisoned or died in Hong Kong at the hands of the Japanese during WW II.
Our own family, and most of our contemporaries, have been immensely fortunate not to have lived through any major wars involving Canada.  We owe this fact largely to the defenders of our liberty in both World Wars.

Posted by GY

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