The Macdonald-Laurier Institute today published a Commentary on the unfolding Tamil refugee arrival in British Columbia. Titled The 'Sun Sea' Tamil Mass Refugee Claim: An Opportunity For Needed Reforms, the paper calls on the federal government to use this incident as a guidepost to stop human smuggling and fix Canada's immigration and refugee determination process, including establishing special offshore processing facilities in which to detain and process some refugees.

Since the publication, Newark has been a busy individual. He has been on (and you can listen by clicking on the links) with Roy Green on CKOM,  on the "John Gormley Live Show" on NewsTalk 650 in Saskatoon, the Madley in the Morning Show on CFRA580 in Ottawa and he's also scheduled to be on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show on CJAD800 in Montreal on Wednesday. All of which just proves that if you put issues and potential solutions onto the table people are willing to discuss them.

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