Macdonald-Laurier InstitutePosting for the position of Communications and Digital Media Manager (CDMM)

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), a leading public policy think tank in Ottawa, invites applications for the full-time position of Communications and Digital Media Manager (CDMM).

MLI exists to help ensure Canada is the best governed country in the world. To do this we must not only produce public policy research and commentary of the highest quality and greatest relevance to Canadians, we need to ensure our work reaches the broadest possible audience of policy makers, opinion leaders, and the public.

The successful candidate for this job will likely have a relevant post-secondary degree, a keen interest in policy issues, an established track record of at least three years in the workforce, and a combination of skills in oral and written communication, web content management, social media strategy, and media relations.

The CDMM, reporting to the managing editor and communications director, will participate in developing a strategic plan to substantially grow the audience for MLI’s work, manage the institute’s website, and ensure it and our mobile platforms feature compelling content and creative presentation. The CDMM will be responsible for writing copy, media outreach, and engagement on social media and other platforms.

The communications and digital media manager oversees MLI's digital media efforts, including websites and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   Responsibilities include creating and managing shareable content; determining which platform is best suited for each piece of content; building and managing MLI's social media profiles and presence; maintaining MLI's brand consistency across all our platforms; monitoring analytics; managing the digital budget; and managing relationships with suppliers.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to David Watson, managing editor and communications director,

Application deadline: April. 30, 2018

Key responsibilities:

Managing MLI’s digital presence and social media outreach:

  • Use the website and all relevant social and other electronic media daily to build and promote MLI’s brand and presence as the pre-eminent source of informed public policy commentary in Canada.
  • Create professional, engaging and creative content for all platforms, and oversee a significant expansion of MLI’s use of video and podcasts.
  • Ensure that all content is kept fresh and relevant to potential viewers with an eye to increasing traffic to the MLI website.
  • Manage the communications dimension of MLI’s expanding events programme, including live tweeting.
  • Build on the already significant momentum in increasing MLI’s database/electronic mailing list to ensure proper segmentation by interests and other criteria and increasing the fundraising potential of these tools.
  • Ensure the website is up to date and easily navigated, well optimized for search engines, and content readily available.

Co-ordinating media relations:

  • Working with the managing editor and managing director, develop a strategy to ensure the audience for MLI’s work grows at a substantial pace.
  • Develop and maintain an active network of media contacts and substantially grow the distribution lists for MLI content
  • Write media releases
  • Co-ordinate media release distribution
  • Co-ordinate specific media requests
  • Write and distribute MLI’s newsletter
  • Interact with the media and readers through various social media sites
  • Other communications responsibilities as needed

Desired technical skills:

  • Expertise with the WordPress web publishing platform
  • Expertise with a wide array of social media platforms
  • A background in graphic design.


  • Enjoyment of the cut and thrust of public policy debate
  • Understanding the think tank world and public policy
  • Two to three years of relevant experience in website and social media management
  • Two to three years of relevant experience in media relations or journalism
  • Proven track record in written and oral communication, especially for the web
  • A love of language and literature
  • Creative ability and an eye for detail
  • Willingness to learn new skills
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Initiative required to push for press coverage
  • Excellent organizational skills including effective time management
  • Excellent analytical, interpretive and problem solving skills
  • A good command of relevant disciplines including economics, history and current affairs
  • A relevant post-secondary degree, although an otherwise very strong and experienced candidate would not be ruled out solely on the grounds of not having such a degree
  • Accept occasional unsociable hours
  • Bilingualism would be an asset


Salary is negotiable but competitive with comparable positions in Ottawa.