MLI's Brian Crowley has suggested that we need a term to define "insider" stories in the Nation's Capital. I agree wholeheartedly and not just because he's my boss!

As a former denizen of K1A…in several locations of that august postal code I might add…I can say that we often searched for words to describe just the phenomenon that Brian has targeted. A story, issue or personage that absorbed our every waking minute even as more important matters slid to the wayside. It was a "one day wonder", or a "media creation", or an "opposition scaremongering" or a "bureaucrat's revenge" or, "Hill story"…you get the idea. Anyone who has worked in government, or the public policy field, has gone through that water torture at some point.

Another of my colleagues…John Robson…has expanded and expounded upon the virtues of a new name tag for Insider Ottawa in his Ottawa Citizen column today. Like John, I am jealous that I didn't coin the phrase, but, I sure am willing to use it. Read more here…about K1A…the insider epicentre.

When the next "scandal" comes along we'll be able to call it what it is…a K1Aer, or someone will be guilty of K1Aing something, or we'll be K1Aed-to-death of something…the possibilities are endless.

Posted by George Young

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