Prof. Christian Leuprecht's recently published MLI study titled "The Blue Line or the Bottom Line of Police Services in Canada?: Arresting runaway growth in costs" has attracted media attention from a variety of news outlets. A report by Postmedia's Douglas Quan concentrates on Leuprecht's recommendation that civilians take over certain duties from highly trained and well-paid uniformed officers. In the story, which appeared in a number of Postmedia papers, Leuprecht is quoted as saying "There's a reasonable agreement that the current model is simply not workable. The risk we run if it becomes more unsustainable (is that) politicians will start to meddle in the affairs of police. That's the last thing security organizations want."

Leuprecht was also interviewed about these issues on NewsTalk770 radio in Calgary, and had a feature interview on CJOB in Winnipeg with host Geoff Currier.

Leuprecth was a guest on TVO's The Agenda last week for a panel discussion on the factors causing policing budgets to rise. The Agenda blog has updated the story with a post about the report and critical response from an employee of the Canadian Police Association, and video of the panel discussion.

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