OTTAWA, January 24, 2013 – For the third consecutive year, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI) is rated one of the top new think tanks in the world and is the only Canadian think tank to receive such distinction. This year, MLI ranked in the Number Three spot, having debuted in the top 20 after only six months of operation and then having risen to the Number Five spot last year.

The annual rankings are released as part of the 2012 Global Go-To Think Tanks Report conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania's International Relations Program. The program's rankings remain the first and most comprehensive ranking of the world's top think tanks, and are based on an annual global peer and expert survey of over 1,950 scholars, policymakers, journalists, and regional and subject area experts. This is the sixth edition of the annual report.

In the 2012 report, MLI is also ranked 11th in the top 30 think tanks in Mexico and Canada, a significant accomplishment given that this category contains many long-standing and well-regarded institutes in both countries.

"Think tanks are now a worldwide industry and a global influence on public policy. To be ranked so highly among new think tanks is a signal honour for the institute and a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. And we plan to redouble our efforts to rise even higher in the rankings next year. Our hats are also off to Professor Jim McGann and his colleagues in the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania who work so hard to bring these independent and research-based results to the world."

Founded in 2010, the institute has quickly become a source of timely and thoughtful ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and shape public policy for the better. MLI has a proven track record of bringing the very best minds to bear on real problems, and seeing our recommendations reflected in policy changes. MLI is the only non-partisan, independent national public policy think tank based in Ottawa that focuses on the full range of issues that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Our funding comes from a wide range of private sector sources, including individuals, small businesses, corporations and charitable foundations.

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