December 20, 2011 - In the latest edition of Maclean's Magazine, MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley was quoted in an article about how Canadians feel unapologetically optimistic about our future. In the front page article, "On top of the world", Crowley commented specifically on Ottawa's recent approval of French oil and gas giant Total's Joslyn North oil sands project in Alberta. He said, "There was a time when Canada would have looked at some of the international opprobrium and we would have looked at our shoes and said, 'Gosh, we don't like people not to like us. Whereas now people are saying, 'Look, this is a resource of geopolitical significance. We're responsible, we care about the environment, and if you don't like it, tough.' I think we're much more clear-eyed about Canada's interests." To read the full column in Maclean's, click here.

On December 15, 2011, MLI Director of Research Jason Clemens appeared on CPAC's PrimeTime Politics to discuss the economic future for Canadians with economists Glen Hodgson (Conference Board of Canada) and Armine Yalnizyan (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives). The interview touched on a number of issues such as current debt levels in Canada, household debt, infrastructure investment, and the global economic uncertainty. On what the Canadian government should be doing as we head into 2012, Clemens said, "The key here is to stick to the plan, create certainty so that families, individuals and businesses can make decisions in an environment where they know what is coming in 2012." To watch the full interview, click here. The panel discussion begins at the 17-minute mark.

Finally, author Andrew Graham appeared on a number of radio shows to discuss MLI's latest study on the risks to Canada's critical infrastructure. He appeared on John Gormley Live in Saskatchewan and the Rutherford Show in Alberta to discuss the study. To listen to the interview on John Gormley Live, click here. To listen to the interview on the Rutherford Show, click here to go to Audio Vault and select December 12, 2011 and 10:00 for the time. It begins at the 19-minute mark and will be available for two weeks. The study was also highlighted in the Toronto Sun and reprinted in Vancouver's 24 Hours.





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