Appearing on the Business News Network Wednesday, MLI author Dwight Newman explained the role of the constitutional ‘duty to consult’ with Aboriginals in the context of the federal government’s decision to approve the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Newman, the author of “The Rule and Role of Law: The Duty to Consult, Aboriginal Communities and the Natural Resource Sector”, told the channel the ‘duty to consult’ does not give First Nations a veto over the pipeline.

However he said the company behind the project, Enbridge, still has some work to do to engage with Aboriginal communities.

Newman also spoke to CTV News Channel about the issue on Tuesday.

MLI Senior Fellow Ken Coates discussed the government’s Northern Gateway decision, announced Tuesday, on CBC North’s Northbeat television program.

“First Nations are in the driver’s seat”, Coates told the show. “They have an opportunity to negotiate with the company and with government to try to secure a model or an approach that works for them”.

To watch the Coates’ interview, click here and skip ahead to the 21:00 mark.

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