MLICanadasHealthcareCrisisSeries5_coverCanada has a lot to learn from Asia – at least when it comes to providing health care in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Macdonald-Laurier Institute authors Ito Peng and James Tiessen will present these and other findings at the Canadian Association For Health Reimbursement conference, taking place on Tuesday, November 10 in Ottawa.

Peng and Tiessen will provide insights into how Asian countries have dealt with problems such as an aging population and skyrocketing service costs as part in a panel on “Global approaches to health policy and life sciences”.

Both have become thought leaders on improving Canadian health care.

In 2015 they authored an MLI paper that examines how reforms in Asian countries could provide insights for improving Canada’s underperforming system.

The study shows how reforms in Japan, Taiwan and Korea – including greater competition between hospitals, introducing user fees and putting hospital specialists on salary – have controlled health-care spending while still offering top-quality services.

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