It may have been the Christmas and New Years season, but MLI was still busy providing thoughtful comment on an issue that matters to Canadians – pension reform. Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley provided an editorial page commentary in follow up to the recent meeting of federal/provincial ministers responsible for the pension file and the Op Ed generated headlines across the land.

In British Columbia, the Vancouver Sun wrote, CPP isn't in need of complete overhaul. Alberta's Edmonton Journal headlined, Shelving CPP reforms is the right way to go and the Calgary Beacon cautioned, Big Canada Pension Plan Reform Not Needed. Manitobans also read, Big Canada Pension Plan reform not needed, in the Winnipeg Free Press. In Ontario, TorStar Corp's Waterloo Record and Guelph Mercury (subscription) headlined, Pension plan reform not needed. In Atlantic Canada, the Saint John Telegraph-Journal, the Moncton Times-Transcript and the Fredericton Daily Gleaner all ran the Op Ed under different banners.

The headlines may vary. But, the message remains the same and is best summed up by Crowley's closing thought, "It is possible there is a minority that is not being well-served by this otherwise robust system, but we don't even know yet if that is the case. Let's find out before making half-baked reforms to a system that has served Canadians well."

It is good to see that Canada's federal and provincial finance ministers are taking this advice to heart.

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